if you like to get a sweat on to strengthen your heart, burn calories and tone till you’re taut...elite fitness is exactly what you are looking for! Our combo of classes do exactly what they say on the tin and will enable you to create the body you have always wanted!!!!

classes run on a 6 week rotation basis so each week is something different. Class descriptions are as follows:

Elite Energiser   Get ready to sweat!! Elite Energiser combines high energy movements to increase the heart rate and burn calories whilst at the same time toning all over. Boxing, Step, sporting footwork and deep leg work are combined to create a total body blitz!

Elite Ball and Core Work your core and have a bit of fun at the same time! Working with the fit ball ensures a continuous core workout whilst toning and conditioning. Balance is challenged and concentration is tested in this fun class which offers cardio, upper body, lower body and abdominal work.

Elite Step The introduction of a step to movement intensifies the work of the big muscle groups in the legs, therefore increasing the heart rate and burning more fat! Added arm movement and pace brings the class to a peak before cooling down to a final stretch session.

Elite Conditioning is a full body conditioning class with the introduction of equipment to add variation and challenge to the exercises your body becomes used to doing. Resistance bands, small balls, fit balls, steps and hand weights take your muscles to the next level, creating a sculpted and defined body!

Elite Super Circuits This super circuit class consists of 12 exercise stations offering speed cardio, upper body strength, lower body strength and abs/core work. Over the duration of the class, the lap of the circuit is completed 3 times with added progression before a relaxing and well deserved stretch session at the end!

Elite Balance is a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates, creating a workout which increases total body strength and flexibility as well as teaching the body to release and relax. You body will be encouraged to find balance whilst being instructed to breath and centre during stretches, postures and movements. A holistic workout that will leave you feeling refreshed and released.

fitness classes

class descriptions

  1. £8 Drop in (based on availability)

  2. £28 block of 4 sessions (valid for 6 weeks)

  3. £48 block of 8 sessions (valid for 11 weeks)

  4. blocks to be paid in advance via cash, cheque or bank transfer.

  5. 24 hours notice required for cancellation to avoid charge.

  6. A regular slot will be offered in the class/s of your choice (based on availability) Please note: if you wish to have a break in between block bookings, an advance payment will be required to save your slot on return. Without payment, your permanent slot will be released to others.


Elite Pilates Plus

Ealing Cricket Club

Corfton Rd


London W5 2HS

enquiries  07766 416006

how to find us


For daytime attendance, please feel free to use the cricket club car park diagonally opposite the studio (entrance on Woodville gardens) if open. (Please do not walk across centre of pitch to studio)

Parking opposite side of street as studio is restricted only between 9 -10 and 3 - 4. Parking same side of street as studio is £2   and is to be purchased using Ring Go.

Location code:5323

Phone number: 0203 046 0010

public transport

ealing broadway - tube

Central Line - 5 mins walk

District Line - 5 mins walk

ealing broadway - overground

To Paddington - 5 mins walk

by car

A40/A406 to Hanger Lane Gyratory.


Cheques to be made out to Elite Pilates Plus (please contact me for postal address) Bank details given on request. Bookings cannot be confirmed until payments are received.

about fitness

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